Inspired Imaging Tools

Hoodman Corporation manufactures inspired imaging tools.

The Hoodman line includes:

  • German Glass Optical Loupes for outdoor LCD screen viewing and shooting with live view.
  • Oversized teardrop shape eyecups that links Hoodman customers to their eyepieces for improved imaging.
  • The world's first 45 angle viewer for lifting your face off the back of your DSLR for improved field of view.
  • The first redesign of a 90 angle viewer in 100 years creating a whole new concept of run and gun aggressive shots
    that can only be achieved with a right angle viewer that cannot fall off your camera.
  • The fastest memory cards in the marketplace.
  • The markets only metal, ruggedized USB 3.0 card reader.
  • The first lens cleaning solution featuring an organic, non-toxic plant enzyme solution in convenient wet/dry packets