Use the tool below to search through our Protector and Storm lines and receive a list of cases that best fit that measurement

To figure out which size case you need for your gear, all you need is your gear, measuring tape and pad/pen:

1st Step:     Layout your gear on a flat surface

2nd Step:   Arrange your gear as you would like it in the Pelican Case (note: leave room in between each item to account for foam/dividers)

3rd Step:    Measure the length, width and height and write down the numbers

4th Step:    Go to our Pelican Cases Calculator Size Guide here Pelican Case Calculator

5th Step:    Find the dimensions that are close to what your measurements are, and see the case (note: if you don't see anything that works, re-arrange the items and re-measure)

For size requirements for other ranges, please contact our Customer Care Centre.