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Juno and Ares

Phottix Juno and Ares II Manual System

Transfolder Softbox

Introducing the Phottix Transfolder Softbox


Phottix Raja Softboxes Range


Phottix Juno Transceiver Flash

Pop 30

Inside look at the Phottix Pop 30 Flash Diffuser


Phottix Padat Compact Light Stand

Kali600 Video LED

Kali600 LED Overview

e48 Extender

The new Phottix e48 Multi-Purpose Extender

Luna II

The Versatile Phottix Luna II Folding Beauty Dish

Inside the Phottix Luna II

Premio Umbrella Range


ARES II Flash Trigger

ARES II Easy Flash Triggering

ODIN II for Sony

Phottix Odin II and Sony 6000 and A7 Series

Odin II Transmitter: The Breakdown with Miguel Quiles

When, Why & How to use High-Speed Sync with Sony camera & Phottix Trigger & Flash

Sony Odin II with Miguel Quiles

High-Speed Sync with Sony A7RII and Phottix Odin II & Mitros+

Odin II for Canon, Nikon

Phottix Odin II for Nikon, Canon 

Odin II Overview and Features

Odin II – training video from Phottix UK


LASO for Canon

Phottix Laso Transmitter & Receiver


Keeping it Secure with the Phottix Cerberus Flash Mount


The Incredible Phottix Varos Series Umbrella Mount


Phottix Varos Pro - What can you do with it?


Meet the Phottix Spartan Beauty Dish

Meet the Spartan Softbox , Octabox


Spartan Softbox Octabox, assembly


The new Phottix Hexa-Para softbox

Hexa-Para Softbox - Assembly


The Phottix Easy-Up Umbrella Softbox


How to assemble the 122cm Octa Softbox

Assembling the Phottix Solas Strip Softbox

How to assemble the 91x122cm Softbox


Indra500LC - 500W Studio Light - Canon RT Compatible

Indra360 TTL Studio Light

Indra500 TTL Studio Light

Indra500/360 Firmware Upgrade on a PC

The TIPA-Award-Winning Indra360 TTL Studio Light

Indra Battery Pack Mount


Mitros+ Overview And Setup Tutorial

Mitros+ Firmware Upgrade on a PC